July Favourites! | News

August is just around the corner which means there’s only one real month of summer left!

The autumn months are definitely my favourite time of year for cwtching up & reading a book but I really love the warm summer evenings too. Everything’s just so much more easy-going in the summer, isn’t it? Continue reading “July Favourites! | News”


Where I Am With My Reading | Books

Well. Where do I even begin? I’ve got two bookshelves in my room that are overflowing with books as well as loads of stacks on the floor that I’ve accumulated.

My issue is that I always buy new ones that end up on my bedside table & because they’re right next to me when I go to sleep, I pick them up and start reading them instead of reading the hundreds of others I’ve already got. It’s not good. Continue reading “Where I Am With My Reading | Books”

5 Books for Halloween | YouTube

Hey lovely people,

I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far!

It’s really rainy & miserable in Wales at the moment & autumn is really setting in. But that’s not a bad thing for me as I absolutely LOVE the autumn/winter months  -there is always so much going on & one of those things is coming up soon – HALLOWEEN! Continue reading “5 Books for Halloween | YouTube”