‘I Shouldn’t Complain…’ | Blog

When you’ve had cancer, it seems as though anything that comes afterwards couldn’t possibly compare. I mean, you’ve had cancer. It’s a huge thing to overcome & after you’ve been through all the treatment and the operations, you don’t think you could ever feel worse in your life.

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How Much Has Changed in 1 Year? | News

When I think about this time last year, it seems like a lifetime ago!

I was writing my final dissertation for my Masters & travelling between London & Wales to have meetings with tutors. It was pretty intense & exhausting!
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UK Blog Awards! | News

We’re now in May & it is still raining outside! What is going on?!

A couple of weeks ago, we escaped the horrible weather & made the trip to London to attend the UK Blog Awards at the Park Plaza, Westminster; my brother’s fab website WalesOnCraic was shortlisted for an award – yay!  Continue reading “UK Blog Awards! | News”

Staying Healthy with TOTM Organic! | News

Happy Friday everyone – hope you’ve all had a great week!

Last week, I was invited to go to the Hilton Hotel for International Women’s Day as a guest of Time of the Month – a company who make 100% organic sanitary products for women. Continue reading “Staying Healthy with TOTM Organic! | News”

You, Me & Other People | Book Review

Hey lovely people,

Well, this week I’ve been thinking about my favourite books from 2015 & I made a short video about it that I’ll link at the bottom of this review. One of the books that was really up there for me was You, Me & Other People by Fionnuala Kearney.  Continue reading “You, Me & Other People | Book Review”

Where I Am With My Reading | Books

Well. Where do I even begin? I’ve got two bookshelves in my room that are overflowing with books as well as loads of stacks on the floor that I’ve accumulated.

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5 Books for Halloween | YouTube

Hey lovely people,

I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far!

It’s really rainy & miserable in Wales at the moment & autumn is really setting in. But that’s not a bad thing for me as I absolutely LOVE the autumn/winter months  -there is always so much going on & one of those things is coming up soon – HALLOWEEN! Continue reading “5 Books for Halloween | YouTube”