Our Chemical Hearts Review | Books

I’m all about the characters in a book.

To me, they are the biggest aspect of the whole thing –  I love seeing how their minds work & what decisions they make!

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The Reader Confessions Tag | Books

Hey lovely people,

I was tagged by BookBloke to do the Reader Confessions Tag and so here I am doing it 🙂 Thank you to BookBloke for tagging me! 😀 Now let’s get straight to it!

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You, Me & Other People | Book Review

Hey lovely people,

Well, this week I’ve been thinking about my favourite books from 2015 & I made a short video about it that I’ll link at the bottom of this review. One of the books that was really up there for me was You, Me & Other People by Fionnuala Kearney.  Continue reading “You, Me & Other People | Book Review”

Crossing the Whitewash | Book Review

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all well!

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The House | Writing

The House


Light enters the dismal corridor once more and I watch as she walks in. The third time today. Her voice echoes around the house, interrupting the silence which seems to be a permanent resident here these days. Making small talk with a middle aged couple, she moves into the first room making extravagant hand gestures in an attempt to emphasise the vastness of it. Continue reading “The House | Writing”