Education & Work | Cancer Advice

First and foremost, your health is the priority here. Try not to stress out about taking time off work – a lot of your energy needs to go into getting better.

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Eating On Chemo | Cancer Advice

One of my main difficulties in hospital was eating. I absolutely LOVE food but when my chemo started, anything even remotely edible seemed like my worst enemy.

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Looking Ahead | Cancer Advice

While you’re in hospital, the same four walls can be very,¬†very¬†boring.

Sometimes, it’s nice to make future plans & give yourself something to look forward to – they don’t have to be big or extravagant, just organising a get-together with friends can give you a focus. Or if you’re too tired, ask someone else to do it!

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Change In Your Appearance | Cancer Advice

Your appearance can change dramatically while you are going through treatment. It can be a shock when you look in the mirror & see a version of you that you’re not used to – but don’t freak out! It can be a perfect excuse to experiment with all kinds of looks!

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A Frank Account of Teenage Cancer | Writing

It’s like one day you’re just living your life in a haze of teenage emotions. Wandering the streets of your hometown aimlessly with your best friend. Getting caught up in adolescent arguments and then suddenly, you have a feeling that something is gonna change your life for good. Continue reading “A Frank Account of Teenage Cancer | Writing”