A Little Heart to Heart | Health

Hello wonderful people!

I haven’t checked in with you in a good few months &, as I’ve been keeping you updated on my heart troubles post chemo, I thought I’d let you know the latest ūüôā

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My Favourite Podcasts! | News

I started listening to podcasts when I was making long journeys back & fore to London – before that, I’d never really given them a second thought.

It was only¬†because I noticed the Podcasts app on my iPhone one day that I began to realise just how bloody good they are!¬† Continue reading “My Favourite Podcasts! | News”

Night Shift Review | Books

A couple of years ago, I read¬†Probably¬†Nothing¬†by Matilda Tristram – a picture book that depicted a woman’s battle with cancer.

It stayed with me because it was so different and it was such a unique way of talking about such a difficult topic.

So when Hot Key Books sent me¬†Night Shift¬†by Debi Gliori, I was really interested¬†to see how the author had managed to depict depression through her illustrations.¬† Continue reading “Night Shift Review | Books”

Novel Writing Month! | Writing

Hey lovely people,

Can you believe we’ve only got 2 months of 2016 left?! November has brought some icy cold weather with it which is pretty convenient as it’s officially Novel Writing Month – staying in my nice warm bed & writing some more of my book on the weekends has been absolutely lush.

I started writing my first novel on my Masters programme in 2014 & it has been a bit of a struggle, mainly because I’ve never written something this long before! Continue reading “Novel Writing Month! | Writing”

Halloween Reading | Books

It’s nearly Halloween which can only mean one thing – scary¬†book recommendations!

I love spending time with my nieces & nephews at Halloween. Dressing them up to go trick & treating is so much fun & when they’re excited, I get excited!

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Getting To Know CATS! | News

This week, I’m introducing you guys to a charity that I’ve recently become involved with!

A couple of weeks ago, I came into contact with James & his wonderful charity, CATS.

The charity focuses on promoting awareness of cancer symptoms to young people, particularly students. As someone who had cancer as a teenager, I was keen to get involved to prevent other people being misdiagnosed like I was.

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Summer Reading Wrap-Up | Books

Well folks, we’re into my favourite season – autumn! I love it when the weather gets that little bit colder & it’s acceptable to cwtch up with a book, an oversized jumper and a hot cup of tea.

I didn’t read as many books as I hoped to over the summer but I did read enough to warrant a wrap-up so here it is ūüôā Continue reading “Summer Reading Wrap-Up | Books”

Quentin Blake : Inside Stories Review | Art

Last weekend, Cardiff was transformed into¬†a wonderland in¬†City of the Unexpected¬†– a celebration of Roald Dahl‘s life¬†on what would have been his 100th birthday!


When I was a kid, Roald Dahl books formed a huge part¬†of my library and even now, I have nearly a whole shelf dedicated to him. His stories were such a massive part of my childhood and they always seemed to have the perfect balance of obscene grossness and moral life lessons – I couldn’t help but love them! However, while Dahl’s imaginative tales are wonderfully descriptive,¬†I just cannot picture his books without Quentin Blake’s quirky illustrations! Continue reading “Quentin Blake : Inside Stories Review | Art”