What I’ve Learned From Walking Every Day | Fitness

As I write this, we’re currently in our seventh week of lockdown and, as I’ve been on furlough ever since (and I’m a complete & utter introvert), that time seems to have absolutely flown by. While the UK has become a little quieter and our key workers continue doing an amazing job, the rest of … More What I’ve Learned From Walking Every Day | Fitness

‘I Shouldn’t Complain…’ | Blog

When you’ve had cancer, it seems as though anything that comes afterwards couldn’t possibly compare. I mean, you’ve had cancer. It’s a huge thing to overcome & after you’ve been through all the treatment and the operations, you don’t think you could ever feel worse in your life.

We Need to Talk | Cancer Advice

Hey lovely people, I hope you’re all doing okay. This week, I’ve been reading a couple of articles about the language we use when we talk about cancer. It’s something I’ve been thinking about over the past few months, especially as I write for this blog.