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Hey lovely people,

Can you believe we’ve only got 2 months of 2016 left?! November has brought some icy cold weather with it which is pretty convenient as it’s officially Novel Writing Month – staying in my nice warm bed & writing some more of my book on the weekends has been absolutely lush.

I started writing my first novel on my Masters programme in 2014 & it has been a bit of a struggle, mainly because I’ve never written something this long before!


Before I began working on my book – that sounds pretty pretentious & I cringe just typing it – ha! – I had always written short stories which focused on a certain moment in someone’s life. Planning out someone’s entire existence was a bit of a different story (see what I did there? ;)) and it was hard getting to grips with writing mundane scenes like what someone’s having for tea. Does it add anything to the book? Does it need to be there? Should I just end the chapter here & pick up somewhere else in the next chapter? I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Attempting to write a longer piece has definitely given me a lot more respect for novel writers and editors who are able to tell when the story is falling a bit flat & don’t go on about lasagne for 3 chapters like I do…

I’m almost halfway through & I’m worried that the content may have become a bit boring so I’m printing a copy off next weekend & editing it by hand as I always find that a bit easier than on the laptop. We’ll see where it takes me – it may be that I give up entirely but I’ll keep plodding on for now!

Are any of you writing novels? How are you finding it?


Allie x

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2 thoughts on “Novel Writing Month! | Writing

  1. Hello Alice-Maria
    I am having exactly the same problem. I just don’t know if I really need all the words as you say to describe mundane things. I usually write poetry and zone into my senses and I’m ‘away’ creating imagery etc; novel writing however is completely different. I read somewhere recently (if I can find it I’ll send the link later) that what is important is getting to the end of your novel. Don’t go back and rewrite bits because you can get lost and confused. So why not tuck yourself up on the sofa with hot chocolate and get to the end. What an achievement that will be. Your first novel finished.
    I know mine’s no way near right, so when I finish it at the end of November I’ll leave it until January when I’ll read it through on dark afternoons and begin editing my first draft. Good luck! Keep going! It will be worth it to you! 🙂

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