5 Tips for the Summer Sun | Blog

The summer weather hit us for about three days last week in typical British fashion!

Now I am definitely not built for the sun – I’m the palest person you will ever come across in your life. I just can’t take the heat and my skin burns up straight away!

But I still like to get out & enjoy the heat  – I just take extra care when I do 🙂

Here are my top 5 tips for staying cool in the summer because you don’t wanna rock that lobster look, do you? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Sun block, sun block, sun block!

I used to hate wearing this when I was a kid & always used to try to get away with not putting it on. Now I’m older, I obviously see the importance of slathering yourself in lotion! Make sure you’ve got SPF Factor 30 on at least and use Factor 50 on scars. Ooh, and remember to keep re-applying it throughout the day, especially when you’ve come out of the sea or pool. It’s so, so important! I managed to burn in Wales last weekend. I know, I KNOW!


Fake it!

Rather than laying out in the sun, why not use some fake tan to give your skin a bit of a glow? My favourite one to use at the moment is Sunkissed’s Gradual Tan Lotion which is only £3.99 in Superdrug – it doesn’t contain any parabens or alcohol & you just use it like a moisturiser every night. It takes me about five days until my skin is as tanned as I like it but I definitely notice a difference within the first day of using it. It also does a really good job of making my skin super smooth which helps 🙂

Invest in some essentials…

If you’re intending on wearing some make-up in the sun, it’s definitely worth investing in some moisturiser and/or foundation with sun protection built in. My face is quite oily so it’s better for me to use both of these products than thick sun block. Recently, I’ve been using Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25H Foundation & it definitely helped to protect my face from the sun last weekend, as demonstrated by the red burn marks around my hairline that I managed to miss.

Something nice ‘n’ floaty!

When you don’t want to wear something heavy but still want to cover up, a kaftan is the way to go! I picked up a pretty Joe Browns kaftan from a charity shop last year & it really came in handy on holiday 🙂 Just having that extra layer of protection, even from something really light, can help to keep your skin safe in the sun.


H2O all day long!

Cocktails are so good to drink in the hot weather (woo woo’s all the way!) but make sure you drink some water in between each alcoholic drink too – it’s never fun to get dehydrated. We managed to keep our water cold at the beach by taking a cool box with us and keeping it in a beach hut that we hired for the day. It was also a great place to store lots of snacks!


Stay cool in that heat, guys!

Allie x