Gifts, Dinner & My Red Dress! | Christmas 2015!

Hey lovelies,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a quiet one at home this year which was lovely. I ordered my dinner from Iceland a few days before & made sure we had enough to last us a few days! 

We ate turkey, vegetables, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes & I cooked some extra chicken too! It saw us through to Boxing Day and we still haven’t eaten all of the desserts.


We didn’t go anywhere but I like to look a little bit decent on Christmas Day so I wore my velvet dress from Boohoo. It was comfortable & made me feel really good about myself (especially after I’d used my new shampoo & conditioner & new hairdryer!) but I was glad to be back in my pyjamas by teatime 😉

I had some gorgeous gifts! My mum got us some lovely home decor as I’m hoping to move in with Sye sometime this year.

For the bathroom, we had a lovely lotion dispenser & perfume bottle

For the kitchen, we had plates from Wilko that I asked for – I just love the writing on them!

And we also got a tray for when we’re lazy which is pretty much all the time…


I also had a cute little diary which is in constant use at the moment, an absolutely LUSH Rob Ryan book & a wonderful new typewriter mug that motivates me to write every day 🙂

We also got the sweetest key box which lights up to welcome us home…

Finally, my main gift from Sye were these beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings & necklace. I don’t think I’ve talked about this much on my blog but butterflies remind me of my dad; I wore a dress with butterflies on it to his funeral, a butterfly flew right up to me a few days later & butterflies always seem to be around when I’m feeling down. So what did Sye get me? What made me CRY on Christmas Day??

You guessed it…

They’re from the Cinderella collection & they’re so beautiful!

I hope your Christmases were peaceful & joyous,

May you all have a happy & healthy 2016!


Allie x



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