Where I Am With My Reading | Books

Well. Where do I even begin? I’ve got two bookshelves in my room that are overflowing with books as well as loads of stacks on the floor that I’ve accumulated.

My issue is that I always buy new ones that end up on my bedside table & because they’re right next to me when I go to sleep, I pick them up and start reading them instead of reading the hundreds of others I’ve already got. It’s not good.

My plan now though is to finish the books I’ve already started & read the books that have been sent to me for review. After that, I’m going to read the books on my bottom shelf which are all books that have been lent to me (I know – I’m like a hoarder of other people’s books! It’s awful!) or books that I will give away after I’ve finished them.

My boyfriend & I are hoping to get a flat together in the New Year so I need to downsize just a tiny little bit on books! Can you see that happening? Because I definitely cannot.

If you’re interested in having a look at my bookshelves though, here’s a little video you may enjoy…


Allie x


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