Loving From Afar | Writing

A poem for those in long distance relationships – I feel ya!

Loving From Afar 

Oceans and continents separate us

My clock is set at a different time to yours

The sun beats down on your skin while I stand drenched in the rain.

You are there.

I am here.

Thousands of miles apart.


We look up at the same sky

And see the same stars

That have been burning for millennia

And I love you from afar.

I carry your photograph with me as you carry mine


And I read the letters you left me

And the messages you sent me

And remember what it feels like to hold your face between my hands

Kiss your forehead while you’re sleeping

Watch your eyelids quiver as you dream of places I will never see

Feel your arms tight around me.

They say that

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

But the days seem longer

And the love much stronger.

I am not alone.

You have become a part of me,

I have held you, safe, in my heart,


Like the stars,

We will burn for millennia.

Alice Morgan © 2015

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