Christmas Stories! | Writing

Happy December, everyone!

In just twelve days, it will be Christmas and thankfully, I’ve very nearly finished my Christmas shopping – just a few more to buy. 

I was thinking about what I had left to get the other day while I was sat on the bus. I was coming home from London & as we turned into Cardiff city centre, the most ironic sight stood before me.

A Big Issue vendor was attempting to sell his magazines dressed as Father Christmas & everyone rushed past him, heads down. I’m sure you’re just as guilty as me for doing this when any charity collectors approach you in the street but this image just struck me.

Father Christmas is usually giving us the presents isn’t he? I’m sure if this Big Issue man was the real Santa Claus, handing out gifts, we’d probably be taking them.

It’s been proven (by some test or other) that people gain much more happiness from giving presents to others than receiving. Everyone feels a little more sentimental at Christmas, I know, but as well as buying gifts for your loved ones, doing a good deed for a stranger can make someone else’s Christmas just a little more special too.

On a related topic, if you’re looking for a stocking filler or a little gift for anyone this year, visit to pick up a small collection of Christmas stories written by myself, my mother & my brother – a family affair for just £2.75 🙂

Have a beautiful Christmas,

Allie x


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