Graduation & Future Plans… | News

I graduated! Huzzah!

The last three years have been testing to say the least but I finally managed to make it to the finish line & graduate with a Joint Honours degree in English & Creative Writing.

University taught me so much more than what the prospectus laid out. It taught me a lot about myself and about life. And what a beautiful place in which to discover who you are.

Royal Holloway is such a magnificent place. When Graduation Day rolled around, the surroundings still struck me as spectacular as they had when I very first saw them.

Royal Holloway’s chapel where graduates were presented with degrees.

My family travelled to Surrey to celebrate with me & made the day really special with their little surprises throughout the day. I’m surrounded by such lovely people! Except for in the photo below…;)

graduation me

And now for my future plans…

I’m beginning an MA in Creative Writing in September which takes place in London so I’m looking forward to still being around the Big Smoke.

Then I’m going to undertake a couple of other courses in order to pursue a career as a writing therapist. Writing about different experiences throughout my life has always helped me enormously and I feel it could be of benefit to others too.

Ultimately, I would like to open a retreat that aims to help people who are going through difficult times, especially cancer patients. There is usually so much focus on the physical elements of cancer that I think the psychological effects are sometimes overlooked. I would like to be able to offer people a small sanctuary that they can escape to after their treatment has finished or even if they have been bereaved, divorced or depressed. It would be open to anyone. Even if work was getting a bit much.

Fingers crossed, I’ll get there someday.

Alice x





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